Two-factor authentication in your Signaturit account

With the two-factor authentication enabled in your account you will add an additional layer of security, since in addition to the password you will have to enter a security code generated on one of your devices with the free Google Authenticator for Iphone or Android application.

To activate the two-factor authentication in your account follow the steps below:

Install the free Google Authenticator app from the App Store or Google Play on the mobile device from which you will perform the verification.

Access your Signaturit account and click on "security" in the drop-down menu:


Generate a new code, open the Google Authenticator application and scan it:


Enter the code that has generated the application and click on "activate authentication":


You have already activated the two-factor authentication in your account:


How to access your account with the two-factor authentication enabled?

Once you have activated the two factor authentication, to access your account you must first enter the password and once the system verifies that it is correct you must enter the 6 digit code that has been generated through the Google Authenticator application.

How do I deactivate the two-factor authentication on my account?

Go to the security section of your account and click on "deactivate verification":



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