Why don't I receive a copy of the signed document or Audit Trail?

At the end of a signature process both, the signer and the sender, receive a copy of the signed document, in the case of the second also from the Audit Trail, by email, however, in some occasions it is possible that these documents cannot be attached, why are they not received?

Most email providers accept email attachments with a maximum weight of 10MB. If the signed documents or the Audit Trail exceed this size, they cannot be delivered and the sender must download them directly from the platform to be sent through file managers that allow heavier transfers.

How do I download a signed document from Signaturit's account? We leave you with a tutorial with more details below:

Download a signed document (or in progress)

Another question that may arise in these cases is, why do signed documents or the Audit Trail increase so much in size compared to the original document that has been processed through the platform? In the following article we give you all the information about this:

Why do signed documents increase in size?


Questions or doubts about it? You can write to support@signaturit.com, we are here to help!


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