Request's overview

Once you have sent a document, you'll be able to check the status and all the details of a request from the document's window.

Click on a document to enter into its details:

All the information that you sent (document and messages) will be available from the same window. You'll also be able to change a signer's email and download all the available documents.

Status of a delivery:

Here you'll be able to check the status of each signer, the actual step and all the events that have been triggered and are still waiting to be triggered. Click on "More info" to see all the events of that request, along with the exact date and time.

Actions available for deliveries "In Progress":  

If you click the three dots icon, you'll be able to change a signer's email.


This is specially useful if you enter the wrong email or you misspell the email address.

Adding a signer is not possible. 

Add recipients in CC:

Add a recipient in CC. This person will receive a copy of the signed document. You can add as many as you wish and even once the progress has been completed.

Click here to know in detail how to add recipients in CC so that they can receive the signed document via email.

Detail's tab:

Click on "Details" to download the signed document and the audit trail. Click on "Documents" to see a preview of the document sent to be signed.


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