How to change a signer's email

Changing a signer's email is useful for cases when that email was mistyped or wrongly introduced. This way you don't have to cancel the request and start anew. 

Change the e-mail of a signer if it is not in error status:

Once you're in the detail's window, find the signer that has the wrong email and click on the three dots icon. Then click on "Change signer":


A window will appear. Introduce the new signer's name and email:

Click on "Confirm" to complete the change.

An email notification will be sent to the new signer. 

Change the email of a signer when the request is in error:

It is possible that there is a typo error in the email of one of the signers or their mailbox is full. In all these cases the request will remain in "error" status and you will not be able to change it from your Signaturit account.

Example of request in error:


For these cases you can send an email to indicating the following data and we will take care of recovering and changing the email:

  • incorrect mail
  • correct mail
  • name of the document
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