Most common actions

Manage your documents and do the most common actions by just clicking on the three dots icon. 


The most common actions may vary depending on the status of your request:

Actions in requests with status "In Progress": 


You'll be able to: 

  • Send reminder: A notification email will be send to the signer. 
  • Download audit trail: The audit trail will be generated with the actual events and status.
  • Cancel delivery: Cancel a pending request. The signers will receive a notification with the cancellation reasons.
  • Archive delivery: Send a request to the archived questions. Click here to check all the details. 
  • Name request: Name a request to help quickly identifying it.

Actions in requests with status "Finished": 

When a request has been completed, you'll be able to: 

  • Download audit trail: Download the audit trail with all the events and certifications.
  • Download signed document: Download the signed document with all the electronic evidences.
  • Archive delivery: Send the delivery to the archived category. Click here to check all the details. 




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