I'm not receiving Signaturit's emails

There can be many reasons why you or your signer may not receive Signaturit emails. This is mostly due to errors in the email address, greylisting, excessive traffic or spam filters. 

Once it appears as delivered on Signaturit, this means that it has been successfully delivered to the server. Once it is delivered to the server, Signaturit has no control over what happens and the email can be filtered or blocked by the end server. This will always depend on the configuration of this server and the filters and protections active.


1. Ask the recipient to check the SPAM folder and review the configured filters in case the email has been hidden or filtered in one of these folders.


2. Ask the recipient to add our IPs and domains:




3. Check with the technical team if the recipient's server has anti-phishing protections. Signaturit impersonates users to send, so this could be the reason. Confirm it and contact us at support@signaturit.com 


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