I'm not receiving Signaturit's emails

There are several reasons why you or your signer are not receiving emails coming from Signaturit. This is due mostly to typos in email addresses, greylisting, traffic overload or spam alerts. 

Most of these cases, however, can be solved by simply Whitelisting Signaturit. That means, adding Signaturit to your trust-senders list. 

  • Emails are not coming in, are in queue and I don't receive any notification whatsoever.

Sometimes your Email service provider can mark as spam all emails from Signaturit. If you're not receiving any emails from us, you need to put Signaturit in the safe-senders list, this is what we call Whitelisting. To do so, go to your email account's configuration and write the following info as requested:


Once we are in your safe-senders list, you should receive all our notifications.

  • Emails are being deferred and arriving with delay.

Our emails can also get deferred and therefore arrive later than expected due to Greylisting or traffic overload.

When the emails is deferred, the system will keep trying delivering the message for several minutes until it succeeds.

Graylisting means that your email service provider is suffering a temporary spam restriction and therefore is rejecting all emails from senders that are not on your whitelist or safe-senders list. 

Whitelisting us will avoid any issues with Greylisting. 

 In cases of overload or temporary server issues, the system will also defer the emails and keep trying delivering it for several minutes.

Get in touch with your email server provider to solve these issues as soon as possible.  

  • Emails are bounced, blocked or invalid.

If you get an invalid email message or a bounced message, that means that the recipient's email is not available at the moment or permanently.

Double check the email address and check for typos. It's very possible that the email address is wrong or false written.

Use an email checker tool to make sure that the recipient's account is reachable and active. 

If you keep having any issues regarding emails, get in touch with support@signaturit.com. Tell us the details of the issue, your registered account and the emails that does not receive our notifications.


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