Send reminders for unsigned documents

Use reminders to let the signer know that there's still a document pending for signature. The signer will receive an email with a link to access the document. 

From the Dashboard, click on requests "In Progress" to filter the documents that are still pending.

Click on the three dots icon corresponding to the document that is still pending. Click on "Send Reminder" to send it. 

Send reminders in batch:

Sometimes you might need to send many reminders at the same time. In the following you will find the steps you should follow for send them.

First of all you should click on the section "completed" or "all requests" in "requests". If you put the mouse pointer on the left of any of the requests a checkbox will be displayed: 


When clicking on any of the checkboxes on the left of the signature request, a new menu on the top will appear. This will allow you to select all the requests and choose what you want to do:


Choose the option: "send reminder":


All the "reminders" from the selected documents will be sent.  

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