Is it possible to upload encrypted documents to the platform?

In Signaturit you can upload password protected documents as long as the encryption format is not AES256, which is currently not accepted.

How can documents be encrypted so that they are uploaded correctly to the platform? 

The best option is to encrypt documents using Adobe Acrobat, since it is compatible with the two most widely used operating systems: Windows and MAC.

Instructions here  


Is it possible to send encrypted documents via API?

At the moment, this is only possible via certified email:

recipients[0][email]' \
recipients[0][name]=Carme' \
attachments[0]=@/File.pdf' \
has_password[0]=1' \

It is not possible to send protected documents for simple or advanced signature via API.


Important: when creating the password-protected PDF using this program, you must choose Acrobat 6.0 and later or Acrobat 7.0 and later in the "compatibility" option.


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