Send several documents in batch

If you want to send a document to several individuals, use the batch delivery option. This way, each individual will receive a copy in a separate way. 

To do this, start like if you were going to send a document the usual way:

  • Go to "Send Document"
  • Upload the document to sign
  • Edit the document and then click "Configure request".

A pop-up window will appear and here comes the different part: click on the "Batch (XLS, CSV)" tap on the top right corner

Check below how to create a XLS file to upload

Now, you just have to upload your list of email addresses in .xls or .csv format. The first row of the column with all the email addresses must be called "Email". Once done, check that the system has properly recognized all the emails and modify (if needed) the contact's rights (if it's a signer, if it gets a copy or ignore) for each email field. Also, bear in mind the "The first row is a header" option.

If you accept, you'll be able to set a subject, write a text and set the reminders. Click on next and confirm to send the emails. 

Creating the CSV or XLS file:

This is an example of a .xls file to send 5 requests with 2 signers each. 

Once you've uploaded the file, it will appear like this: 

The Email columns will be marked as "Signers" and all the other should be put in "Ignore".

Please, review that all information is correct, as this is the way it'll be shown in the document.

Clic here if you want to know how to send several documents in batch with OTP authentication.


Add fields and fill their information in the Excel sheet so that your signers don't do it for themselves. To do this, just enter the widget's ID as a header and fill the information below for each signer. For example, the ID for "Name" is textfield_0.


Once it's done, just set the column with the emails as "Signers" and "Ignore" the rest of the columns. 


The signer, on the hand, will receive the document with the fulfilled data according to the Excel sheet. He/She will only need to sign.


Finally, you'll see in your inbox all the documents sent and its status.

Send a batch signature request with more than one document:

Create a request with more than one document by following these steps: Sending multiple documents from the dashboard

Remember to modify the field ID of the widgets that you will configure in each document according to the columns of your XLS (Excel) file so that the information contained in each of them is automatically transferred to the document that the signers will receive.

For example in this case we have the following XLS file with 4 columns of widgets, the first 2 (widget1 and widget2) will belong to the first document and the last 2 (widget3 and widget4) to the second one:


Widgets of the first document:

  • widget1


  • widget2


Widgets of the second document:

  • widget3


  • widget4


When you have the fields configured for each of the documents, click on "configure request", upload the XLS file you have prepared and configure it as follows:


At the moment this option does not allow you to configure batch sends through template, so you will have to configure the document to send from scratch with the widgets that each one should include.


Remember that the batch delivery feature is available as a supplement to the Business + and Enterprise plans.

Contact us in case you have further questions regarding batch delivery.

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