Uploading documents: Limits in Signaturit

If you have problems when uploading/uploading a document on the platform, it is most likely that it exceeds Signaturit's limits. It may also affect your Internet connection, so make sure you are connected to a good connection, otherwise the document might not be able to load properly.

If you still cannot upload the document, you will have to split the file into several files with an external program and send a multi-document upload.

  • Maximum size of the documents sent to be signed:

The size of the documents cannot surpass the 15MB. The maximum limitation for big requests is the following:

- 1 Signer/1 Document

- 1 Signature widget

- 20 images. The size of the image in base64 is approximately 1MB.

  •  Maximum number of recipients:

In Signaturit you can have up to 40 contacts per signature request or certified email sent. This includes signers and recipients in copy (CC). 

With certified emails, you can send it to 40 contacts in total. Contacts in blind copy (BCC) will be ignored in this case and won't be certified.

 To send a request to more than 40 recipients individually, you can use the batch delivery feature.


  • Number of signatures:

Thanks to the electronic signature, it is not necessary to sign several times per signer. With a single signature, you certify its legality. Is it necessary to sign several pages of a document?

Signaturit is designed to support one signature per signer (maximum 40). In the case of inserting more signatures, the process may fail, so we do not recommend this.

  •  Length of the body in an email or certified email: 

Email body length has no set character limit.  

  • Number of pages:

To ensure the smooth running of the platform, we recommend sending files of: 

Low quality images.

A maximum of 300 pages if there are no images.

30 pages top if the file contains images with a resolution of 300 dpi


  • Maximum size of attachments in any kind of request:

There is no specific limit on the number of attachments to be sent. On the other hand, attachments in a request (certified delivery, simple and advanced signature) cannot exceed 15MB.



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