Sequential, Parallel and Batch Request

Sequential delivery:

If you need to send the same document to multiple recipients for them to sign, that is what we call sequential delivery. That means that the system will send the signature request at the rate as the document is signed by the different recipients. Therefore, the second signer will not receive the document until the first signer has finished with his/her signature. The same with the third and fourth, and so on. When the process is finished, all of the parties will receive a copy of the signed document; thus we can guarantee the integrity of the document's data.

This is the standard method of signing a document with Signaturit.

Parallel sending:

Send the same document to multiple recipients for them to sign. In this feature, signers can access the signing application whenever they want and sign the document in a quick way. Whenever a signer is signing, all others wait. 

Choose if you want to send your document in sequential or parallel delivery mode.

Batch delivery:

If you need to send a large quantity of documents and you want to save time, automate the process while still sending documents individually to recipients, that is what we call mass or batch delivery. In this case, each signer will receive the same document individually. You only need to include the list of recipients who will sign the document and the system will send a copy of the document individually to each person.

You can read more about this feature in the article Send Documents to Multiple Recipients.

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