Errors when sending documents

First of all, make sure you are following the step-by-step instructions: Send a document with advanced electronic signature.

If after reviewing the tutorial you still have problems uploading or sending a document, please take a look at these options:


Delete browsing data

Keep in mind that most of these problems are caused by cookies, so in order to make this process easier and faster, we recommend you to follow these steps whenever you have a similar problem.

Log out of Signaturit, clear your browser browsing data, cache and cookies and try again. If you are connected through a VPN, try disconnecting it as well.

Guide to delete browsing data.

If more than one person is connected to the account, there may also be problems.


Minimum requirements

Make sure that in each document there is at least one signature widget (it is not possible to attach a document that is not going to be signed) and that each signer has at least one widget (text, date, signature...).


Document limits

Take a look at this guide: Limits in Signaturit

Remember that even if you do not exceed the pages or size, the combination of images and/or tables affects anyway.


Incorrect number of recipients

Remember that to send a document to more than one signer you must add a tab for each recipient in the configuration template: 



Otherwise, the template would only be for one signer. Each tab must include at least one widget and the document must include at least one signature widget for one of the signers.


Accents or strange characters in emails

Remember to check that the emails do not contain accents or strange characters, as the system will not be able to send the document.

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