Avoiding errors in signature requests caused by browser cookies

The term "cookie" refers to a small piece of information sent through the browser that serves to store data of the user or the pages that have been visited previously, so it works as a "memory" of what has been visited to avoid having to load all the content of a web page from scratch.

Why can it affect requests? Cookies store data from the website you are browsing, in this case Signaturit, so if you do not delete them regularly, it may be that those updates of the platform in terms of design or security are not reflected in the current display of the application, but it is showing an "old" version of Signaturit.

It can also affect if several changes have been made in a document, since those most recent changes would not be reflected correctly but would be showing the information recorded in the browser's "memory", and therefore could cause errors in requests, for example, showing a different configuration than the last one created by the user.

For this reason we always recommend regularly deleting browser cookies and browsing data, here are the steps for Signaturit-compatible browsers:

Google Chrome: Clear cache & cookies

Firefox: Clear cookies and site data in Firefox

Internet Exlorer: How to delete cookie files in Internet Explorer

Safari: Manage cookies and website data in Safari on Mac

Another alternative, if it is not possible to delete cookies and browsing data from the computer you are accessing Signaturit, is to access from the private mode of your browser, we also leave the links to the tutorials below:

Google Chrome: Browse in private

Firefox: Private Browsing - Use Firefox without saving history

Internet Exlorer: InPrivate Browsing

Safari:Use Private Browsing in Safari on Mac

Doubts or questions? Write an email to support@signaturit.com, we are happy to help! 

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