Send a request with a validator

The validator is one of the recipients that you can add in your signing processes. It's very useful to check data previously inserted by another signer and validate the whole signing process before completing it. 

The validator can validate or reject the document by clicking a button. This recipient does not sign with a biometric signature.  

The option to add a validator will only appear in accounts with the sequential mode activated: the first signer signs first, then the second signer signs, and so on. 

To add a validator:

1.- Set your document as usual and add the necessary signers. Only add signers in this step. The validor will be added in the next window. Screenshot_2020-06-26_at_23.00.47.png

2.- Click on "Add recipient or validator" to add a new recipient. 


3.- Click on the dropdown list and choose "Validator". Insert the name and the email. 


Remember to choose the position. The validator can be in any place you wish: at the beginning, at the end or in the middle. 

The validator can't modify data but he/she will be able to validate the data inserted by a previous signer or reject it. 

* Important: How to change the order of a validator?

Now that the data is in place, configure the validator in the position you want and modify the rest of the emails so that they follow the order that your mailing should follow. In this example, the validator will be in second place:


The validator will receive a copy of the signed document once the whole signing process has been completed. 

This is how a Validator can Validate or Reject a signature request:

The validator is available for Business Plus licenses onwards

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