Update or change the payment method


You may need to modify the payment method linked to your account, the options available on the platform are: credit or debit card and SEPA.

Access your account and click on Subscription"" option on the top right drop-down menu:

Once inside the "Subscription" section, click on the pencil button option next to the "Payment method" section.


The following screen will then appear where you can choose between the two available payment methods:



- SEPA: you must enter the name of the bank account holder, the IBAN and continue.




- Credit or debit card: Enter the data of the bank card you want to use to manage the payment and click on the "accept" button:


Important: please note that depending on the total amount to be paid, one of the two options may not be available. If you have any questions about payments or invoices write directly to billing@signaturit.com so we can help you.


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