Change payment periodicity

Available licences (Business and Business Plus) can be purchased monthly or annually. Keep on reading if you want to know how to change the periodicity of your current license.

Change from monthly to annually:

If you want to change your plan from monthly to annual payment these are the current available options:

  • Business: 360 EUR/year: include 60 advance signature credits.
  • Business Plus: 600 EUR/year: include 240 advance signature credits and 240 certified email credits.

Important: by default the credits are configured monthly, which means that Business Plus include 5 credits/month and Business Plus 20/month. If you want to have all the year credits form the first day you should ask it by sending a mail to, and we will issue the change ASAP.

The first step you should do to change the periodicity is to choose the option "subscription" from dashboard top-right menu:




Within the subscription section click on the option "change"(market red in the picture below):


On the next screen check the option "annually" and click "confirm" :


Change from annually to monthly:

If after the end of your annual plan you decide to choose a monthly plan you will have to follow the same steps as indicated above but changing the periodicity to monthly in the next part of the process, also clicking on the "confirm" button to complete the process:


If you want to change your plan from annual to monthly payment these are the current available options:

  • Business: 37,5 EUR/month: includes 5 advanced signature credits per month.
  • Business Plus: 62,5 EUR/month: includes 20 advanced signature credits and 20 certified e-mail credits per month.

Remember that you must make the change at least 24 hours before the end of your annuity, since the renewal of all licenses is done automatically.

If you have any doubt or question, send a message to

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