Duplicate widgets on multiple pages

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It is possible that the same widget must be inserted in several pages of a document, below I show you all the steps to configure it in a quick way without having to configure its features from scratch each time.

Before you start I recommend you to review this article, where you can review the operation of all widgets and how to configure them to suit your needs.

Then follow these steps:

Step 1:

Start with configuring the widgets by dragging them to the place where they should be located in the final document:


Step 2:

Left click with your mouse or trackpad on the widget you want to copy:


Step 3:

Click paste on the rest of the pages you want the widget to be placed on:


You will be able to paste the widget as many times as you want and the chosen settings of the widget you copied will be kept.

In the animation you can see more details on how to use this function:



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