Purchase storage in your account to host your Digital Certificate

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You can now send electronic signature requests through the Dashboard to be signed with a Digital Certificate. In addition, if the recipient is a Signaturit user, they can sign the documents from any device using the Certificate hosted in their account.

In order to upload a Digital Certificate to the platform you must acquire storage to host it by following the steps below:

Access the "Certificates" section:


Click on "Buy certificate hosting":


You will be directed to the payment page where you will also be able to purchase if you wish an additional package of credits for your account and choose the number of Certificates you will host on a monthly basis:


Click on "Confirm and pay" to add the storage to your account and upload your certificate to the platform by following the steps indicated in this tutorial.

This option is only available for the Business Plus and Enterprise licenses. The monthly amount for the hosting per Digital Certificate is 15 Euros and the renewal is done automatically. If you want to cancel the hosting, remember that your Certificates will be deleted immediately.

The certificates you can use to sign with this method must be in .pfx or .p12 format.

You can also follow these steps to follow the interactive guide that will show you how to change the application language by clicking here for direct access.

Do you have any doubts? Write us an email to soporte@signaturit.com

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