Send a request to sign with digital certificate from the Dashboard

More and more people have digital certificates, so the signature option using this feature is an increasingly useful tool. Read on to find out all the steps to create an advanced signature request to be signed with a digital certificate.

Important: The main advantage of having your Digital Certificate hosted on Signaturit's platform is that you can sign documents from any device without having to host the certificate locally on your computer.

Click on New Request:


Choose the option "advanced signature" and upload the document or documents you want to include in the signature request:


Drag the "Digital Certificate" widget wherever you want the signature to appear on the final document:


If the document has more than one signer you can indicate that only one of them signs with a digital certificate or the number of signers you choose.

Just set up the last steps of the request and you will have already sent a document to be signed with a Digital Certificate.

If the signers have doubts about the process of signing with Digital Certificate, indicate them to review the following tutorial:

Signing with Digital Certificates

Any doubt? Send a mail to, we are here to help!







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