The legality of Signaturit´s solution

Our advanced electronic signature solution meets all the legal requirements of the European legislation, as well as in the United States.

Signaturit´s signature solution meets all the required points, seen here:

  1. It allows to identify the signer, providing biometric graph data, the geolocalization, the device´s data from the moment of the signature, and even if necessary, voice or image capture.
  2. Detect any change in the signed document, providing a system of public/private keys for the signed document and for the evidentiary document.
  3. All of the generated documentation is encrypted and has the guarantee of data integrity at all times, thanks to the Time Stamping Authority.
  4. The generated documentation links the signer and their data through a unique identifier, that is associated with the signed document and the evidentiary document.
  5. The signature is generated by means that are under the control of the signer, which is done directly from the signer´s device and can only be accessed through a his/her private account.

Additionally, the solution that Signaturit provides is audited and provides an expert opinion by Auren Servicios TIC, S.L.

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