How do groups work?

Groups are independent workspaces where users can send documents in an isolated way.

Account Administrators can see all of the existing groups in Signaturit, create groups and join the ones that exist.

Members of an account can only see the groups, and cannot add themselves to any groups.

Group composition


Groups are made up of Managers and Members (exclusive roles for this section).

A Group Manager can be an Account Admin or a Member, but only an Admin can define a Member as a Group Manager of one or several groups.

This will help in cases where a company employee only needs access to a limited number of documents or several other users within a common account.

The Members of a general account can see the sent documents from a group, where the Managers and the rest of the group are assigned as Group Members.

For example, the Members of an account that belong only to the HR group, and their role in the group as Manager will only have access to the documents and sent documents from this group. They will not be able to access any other sent documents out of this group.  


Important: If an Account Member is the Manager of a group, and the Account Admin is a Group Member, then in this case the account Member will see all of the sent documents from the Admin.

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