What happens if I forward the signature request email to be signed from another email?

In all cases, we recommend signing the document from the indicated email address and not forwarding the signature request to a different email address. This is because, in case the signature request is forwarded to another email address, the audit trail will collect the information that the request was opened from different devices and different IPs, weakening an essential component tending to identify the signer. Likewise, it will be recorded that the document has been forwarded to another email address (different from that of the desired signer in the first instance), weakening essential identification elements of the signer.

It is important to keep in mind that the proper identification of the signatory is not only an element that provides security to the signing process, but is also a necessary requirement for an advanced electronic signature to be valid, in compliance with the provisions of article 26 of the eIDAS Regulation.

Although, beyond the email address, Signaturit collects additional identifying elements (such as date / time of signature, document data, and information about the signature graph -pressure, acceleration and speed), it is It is important to be able to gather as many elements as possible so that there are no doubts about who the signer was. 

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