How many people can access the same account at the same time?

Given the nature of our solution, we must adhere to the technical and legal security dictated by the audits we pass, so that only one person can access the account at a time, otherwise you will be logged out. Therefore, you must also log out in order to be able to log in via another device.

The different measures that regulate the use of the platform are what allow us to offer the product we serve and provide it with the necessary legal coverage to guarantee the security of your transactions.

At Signaturit we recommend creating a user for each person accessing the platform, thus optimising its use and maintaining the integrity of the information in a much safer way.

How to create an additional user to use the platform?

In case you pay through the platform you can create a new user by following the steps in the tutorial below: Adding new members to your Signaturit account

All users of the same account will share the credits, and will also be able to share templates and work together with the group option.

If you make the payment through other methods, such as bank transfer, you will have to send an email to to start the process and add the additional users to your account.

Important: this improvement applies only to customers who connect to our web platform. If you use our API through the integration, you do not need to make any configuration changes.

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