Can I copy a signature on all pages?

Signing several (or all) pages of a document is not necessary in Signaturit thanks to the data recorded during the signing process and time stamping. Electronically signed documents are certified by an Official Time Stamping Authority, which acts as a trusted third party.

In Signaturit each signature will have to be drawn individually. We do not store the signature for legality and security reasons. We capture biometric information of the signature such as speed and pressure of the stroke so that we can legally prove (together with other factors) that the signature has been made by the user and that there was no forgery.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of electronic signatures is that only one signature is needed to seal and certify the entire document.

Is it necessary to sign several pages of a document?

On the other hand, if you want the signature to appear on all pages, I recommend using the Electronic Signature Seal with QTSP logo. This is an identifying mark that will appear on all pages to make them more difficult to manipulate and to add more confidence to your signature process and documents:

What is the Electronic Signature Seal with QTSP logo?

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