API: creation of signature requests with digital certificate and watermark

The Digital Certificate is the only way to technically and legally guarantee a person's identity on the Internet. It is an indispensable requirement, for example, for institutions to be able to offer secure services over the Internet.

Below we indicate all the steps to create a signature request through the API to be signed with a digital certificate.

We would also like to mention that if the recipient of the signature request is also a Signaturit user and has his or her Digital Certificate hosted in his or her account, you will have the option of adding a watermark that will include:

- Name of the signer as it appears on the Digital Certificate.

- Name of the Digital Certificate.

- Date and time of signature.

In order for this watermark to appear, the signer must have the following option checked on the Digital Certificate hosted in his account:


Up to now, calls could be made through the API by following these steps. However, in order for the watermark to appear on the signed documents, the following parameter must now be added for the new type of widget (dcf):


We also leave you an example of a call with this parameter:







If you need the recipient to sign with a specific Digital Certificate, you must add the following parameter to your calls:


Questions or doubts? Write a message to support@signaturit.com, we are here to help! 

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