Editable PDF. and Word documents

Sometimes signers will notice that some characters on the document to sign are not being displayed as expected, why does it happen?

To preserve the integrity of the document when Signaturit process the documents, some dynamic data or special formats may be lost. For this reason, we recommend that PDFs do not contain editable  types of fields.

Here you have some recommendations to avoid this to happen:

  • Do not use PDF. with editable fields, mostly common in forms to collect information. Here you have more information about this type of PDF's.
  • Do not use documents in Word format. When Signaturit converts the file to image, some fields and characters in this type of files may be affected and the final document may not be equal to the original.
  • Save the document with third-party software or printing the PDF may work. In this way, the document, already fixed, will not undergo any modification or deformation when it is processed by Signaturit, although it may lose some quality.
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