What is ISO 27001?

The certification ISO 27001 certifies that the information security management system complies with the desired international standards. The International Standardisation Organisation is in charge of granting this certification. As part of having been certified under ISO 27001 certification, Signaturit adopts various security and protection measures, such as the following:

Least Privilege: practice of limiting users' access rights to the minimum permissions that are necessary to perform their work. This means authorizations but above all restrictions.

Separation of Duties: is the principle of sharing privileges between several individuals or systems.

PENTEST: the penetration test is used to test the security of the external perimeter of a network or installation.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP): a business continuity plan is the emergency response plan, backup operations and disaster recovery stages which will guarantee the availability of critical resources and facilitate business continuity in the event of 'emergency

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