Sign a document (Old version)

Signing a document with Signaturit is very easy. You just have to follow these four simple steps:

1.- Click on "Review Document":

If you land on this window with quick instructions, click on "Review document" to access the document. 


2.- Accept the Terms and Conditions:

Mark the two checkbox to accept Signaturit's Terms and Conditions and click on "Accept" to have total visibility of the document. The bar will hide.


3.- Fill each and every form field:

Proceed to fulfill all the requested information. The green fields have a default value that you can modify and the grey fields have to be fulfilled. 

Check the upper bar to know exactly where there's more information to be fulfilled or where you have to sign. Click on "Go there" to quickly see the form fields or signature widgets. 



Make sure that all form fields and all signature widgets have been fulfilled. All fields must be in color green so that you can finish the signing process. 


In this example, it is necessary to fulfill the signature box, two form fills and one checkbox. The company and the city widget has been filled by default.


4.- Click on "Sign document":

Once you have fulfilled all the form fields and have signed all the signature boxes, the "Sign document" will appear. Just click on it to finish the signing process.

Remember that this button will only appear when all the information has been fulfilled and all the widgets are in green color.  

Check out this video to know in detail how to sign. See how all fields must be in green and completed in order to finish the signing process. 




If you face any technical difficulties, please, check out this guide with solutions to the most common issues.

In case that you do not agree with the content of the document, please contact the person that sent you the signature request. Signaturit is not responsible for the contents that you receive for signature.

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