GDPR Script Integration

By installing a short Javascript code you will be able to control the forms appearing on your website by providing unique IDs for each form and each field form.

The connection between forms will be established via the API, which means you will have to authenticate with your form ID each of the forms you wish to certify.

In the image below, you would insert your form ID as the value for: 'data-sg-gdpr-formid':



In order to identify and certify the forms, we’re going to name them with the parameter: 'data-sg-gdpr-container'.

The value you set for this parameter will allow you to locate it and retrieve its values by doing a GET call to our API.

In the example below we can see that the name is "form-1". It can be whatever you want.




Each form field will also have an ID that will be used to retrieve its values through the 'data-sg-gdpr-attribute' parameter.

This form field identification is possible by editing the form’s website HTML, so you will be able to indicate the fields you want to certify.




To define each form field name and retrieve all the information related to that field, we will use the parameter 'name' that connects to 'data-sg-gdpr-attribute'.

The value for selection fields (radio buttons or checkboxes) will be: 1 for ACTIVE and 0 for INACTIVE. All the other field forms will include alphanumeric values.




In every form, we also certify URLs pointing to Terms & Conditions or important links:





The Terms & Conditions URL and the text from the T&C that is shown on your form have to be in HTML:




When the user sends the form, we register all the collected data and we apply a timestamp, certifying all the process in compliance with GDPR regulations.

This is an example of an audit trail resulting from a form’s certification and data collection:


You can always check these values via our API or through an E-consent Manager filtering by form, field form, and cross-referencing name/email/any other form field.



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