Two factor verification

The two factor verification adds an extra layer of protection when logging in your Signaturit account. On top of introducing your email and password, you will need to introduce a security code provided by the two factor verification app. This code can only be used once and is renewed every 60 seconds.  

Admins of a Signaturit account will be able to activate the two factor verification to his/her own account and to each member's account.

Signaturit is compatible with any two factor verification app. These are the most used: 

For this tutorial we will use the Google Authenticator app as an example.


How to activate the two factor verification for your Signaturit account:

To activate the two factor verification system for your Signaturit account go to: 

Settings Menu -> Security


Scroll down until you see the option "Activate two step verification". Click on the checkbox and "Save"



The next window will allow you to scan the QR code with the two factor verification app installed on your mobile device. You will obtain the six digit code. 

To scan the QR code, open Google Authenticator and click on "Scan a barcode" after clicking on the (+) button.

Enter the 6-digit code on the field and click on "Continue".

That's it! You have activated the two factor verification system on your Signaturit account. 

From now on, each time that you log in your Signaturit account for the first time from an unknown device you will have to open your two factor verification app and enter the six digit code on the validation screen.

If you're using Google Authenticator, you will find the six digit code on the main screen of the app. Make sure that you are using Signaturit's code:


How to install and activate Google Authenticator from your device:

If you want to use Google Authenticator to activate two factor verification, follow these steps to set up the app in your device: 

  • Go to Google Play in your Android device, to the App Store in your iOS device or follow this link if you own a BlackBerry device
  • Download and install the app in your device. 
  • Access the Google Configuration page to activate Google Authenticator.
  • Look for "Google Authenticator" and click on "Set up".

  • Select your type of device (Android or iOS). 
  • Scan the QR code.
  • Enter the 6-digit code that you'll get after scanning the QR code and click on "Verify". 

  • You'll receive a message confirming that Google Authenticator is now active and linked to your device and to your Google account.

If you encounter any issues while setting up Google Authenticator, visit this help page from Google with further information

Every time that you open Google Authenticator, you will see a list of your accounts linked to the app, including your Signaturit account once you've done the steps described at the beginning of this guide. 

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