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The Statistics section will help you control your team's performance and to manage the success of your requests. To see your statistics go to Team -> Statistics on the left menu.

You can see your data about your sent documents in 5 categories:

  1. Statistics according to the device (number of signers)
  2. Ratio between documents sent and received
  3. Total number of requests sent
  4. Members
  5. Groups

Statistics according to the device:

This screen shows all the signers to whom you have sent documents to get signed and other data like the device that they used to sign documents.  

Ratio between documents sent and received

This gives you a simple view of the total number of the documents that you have sent to get signed and the ones that you have received. Hoover the mouse to see the percentage. 

In case of requests with two documents, this counts the documents individually. 

Total number of requests sent

This screen will show you an overview of all your requests sent and their status. For example, in case of requests with two documents, the request will counted but not the number of documents sent. 


Here you can find all your groups and their individual statistics.


Get an overview of each member's activity.



In Filters, located on the top right corner, you can filter the statistics by day, week, month, year or state a custom period. Plus, you can filter them by Member by clicking on "Filter by member".

NOTE: By default, "Don't filter" will show you the stats of the week. 


Click on "Export" (top right corner) to download your statistics in .csv format. 

In this .csv file you'll find the stats of each member's activity. 

To know more about how to import .csv files on an Excel sheet, check this official guide from Office

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