Send a document to be signed with a simple signature (& PIN number)

If you want to send a document in a quicker way, you can use a simple signature. Plus, you can use a PIN code sent via SMS to verify your documents. To do so just:

  • Click on the green button "New request", in the top left menu bar.

     and choose "Simple signature":


  • Fill in the fields: signer(s), signer's email, subject, body and attach the pdf file.
  • Click on the Mobile Icon on the far right to introduce the telephone number that you wish to use to send the PIN code.
  • When adding the contact number, remember to put the prefix, followed by the complete number, without spaces. 
  • Click "Send Document" when ready 

The signer will then receive the email with the attached file. He or she will have to accept the terms and conditions: this is the "signature" in these cases. 

In case you use the SMS verification, the signer will be asked for the PIN number sent via SMS after accepting the terms and conditions and before clicking on "Send Document". 

Feel free to read the differences between simple and electronic signature to know more. 

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