Configure an alert for your certified files

Configure alerts for your certified files to know what you have to do with your files after a certain amount of time: expiration dates, renewals, etc.

Assign the alerts to a user or several users so that they can be responsible for the files and know what to do and when to do it. 

When an alert is triggered, the contact in charge will receive an email with the description. 

To set up an alert go to "Certified files", located on the menu bar on the left. 

Once inside, click on "New alert" to add an alert to that specific certified file. 

In the next window, you will be able to edit the alarm. You can put a title, a description, the date when you want the alarm to be triggered and the recipient of the alarm. 

Once everything has been set, click on "Add alert".

In your dashboard, you'll see the certified file and an the alert's status on the side. If you hoover the mouse above the alert, you can check the description at one glance. 

To get more details, click on the certified file. From this window you can:

  1. Check the day when the alarm will be triggered
  2. Edit the alarm by clicking on the pencil on the right corner . 
  3. Delete the alarm by clicking the box icon on the right corner.
  4. Create a new alarm by clicking on the bottom left corner.


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