Security of our servers

We use the cloud based servers from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide our clients and users with the maximum security and availability. The AWS data centers use electronic surveillance systems and control systems with a multi factor access.

Amazon´s data centers are protected by a comprehensive safety monitoring system. These systems offer very powerful security measures, such as the protection against DDos attacks (distributed denial of service) or the detection of brute force attacks against the system of passwords for AWS user accounts.

Characteristics of our servers

  • Secure access: access points to the platform allow for secure HTTP access (HTTPS) for customers to establish secure communication sessions.
  • Integrated firewalls: we control access to Signaturit´s infrastructure through the use of very strict firewall rules.
  • Unique users: we control the access level our users have to the platform.
  • Each user has their own security credentials, thus there is no need to share passwords or keys, and meets the recommended practice of separating roles and minimum privileges.
  • Security logs: we record all user activity on our servers.  

Connections and data transmissions

  • The connection to our servers is made using a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS protocol), which is used for secure communication with a computer network.
  • The HTTPS provides authentication for the web and the associated servers that it communicates with, allowing to protect both parts from a man-in-the-middle attack.
  • Additionally, it provides two-way encryption for the communications between the client and the server, protecting them from listeners and falsified communication content.
  • For practical purposes, HTTPS provides a guarantee on communication within the web page that is intended to establish the communication (and not with an imposter), and assure the content between the user and the website cannot be read or falsified by a third party.

Data storage

We save the files on Amazon S3, this storage is secured by default:

  • It assures uploading and downloading files through SSL endpoints, through the HTTPS protocol.
  • The files are stored using encryption on the server (SSE). For that, Amazon S3 provides encryption technology.
  • Only the owner has access to the stored files.
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