Send a document with multiple authentication steps

You can activate and deactivate any validation option just by clicking on the corresponding button. You will see it's activated when the button changes to green, and deactivated when the button is grey.


1. Validation through an attached file

Ask that the signer attaches a file (or several) which will allow you to identify, such as a copy of their ID, driver's license, photo ...

To select this type of authentication, click on the clip button and immediately after click on button pointing upwards, selecting at least 1 file.

2. SMS Validation

Add the signer´s phone number (with the country code, without the +) so they can receive a validation code to their mobile. Remember that you will need to purchase SMS credits in order to use the SMS validation.

If you're interested but don't know how to do this, send us a mail to [email protected]. 

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