Send a document to multiple recipients from your email

To send a document to sign through Signaturit to one or more people, the only thing you have to do is add or to the end of each person´s email address.

  1. Create a new email draft.
  2. Attach the document in PDF format.
  3. Add or to the end of the email address for each recipient that needs to sign the document


Important details to keep in mind:

  1. Remember that you have to add or to the end of the email addresses for the people that you want to sign
  2. If you send an attached .pdf or .doc file, the users can sign in any place and page of the document. When they finish, they will be able to move their signature to any space of the document that they want. This is the opposite of how a template works.
  3. If you send a template, remember to add the same number of signers and signature boxes (when you edit the template in Signaturits) as the amount of recipients that will sign the document (when you send via email).
  4. The signing process is sequential. That means that when the document is sent to the first signer, it will only be sent to the second signer when the first signer has finished. And so on for all the recipients until the last person has signed. We do it this way in order to maintain strict security and data protection requirements.
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