Sign a document with two-step verification (Old version)

Adding two-step identification verification will provide a more advanced level of security, both for the sender and the signer.

In case you are the signer, this is how you can complete the signature process for a document with multiple authentication steps.

When you receive the document to sign in your inbox, click Open Document.

This will be the following screen you will see afterwards. Click on Review Document when you are ready to sign the document.


The fields that you need to fill out in the document will be in blue. For convenience, the upper menu will show you how many pages you need to sign.

Click on the text button “Go to the page” if you have problems finding the fields that you need to fill out.


When you finish signing, you will see that at the end of the document you can always request to add extra verification steps. In this case, it will be adding a specific file.

Click on the icon to attach the file. 


Choose the document that you need to upload.


You will receive a confirmation if you upload the file successfully:


Either way, at the bottom of the signed document, you will see if the file that you uploaded has been correctly added to the document or not.


Finally, click on the button “Send Document” to finish the signing process.

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