Upload a certified file

Upload your files and certified them with Signaturit. With this option you'll be able to digitalize your documentation and guarantee their integrity and security.

You can upload any type of file and we allow files of up to 50 MB.

To upload and certify a file, go to:

The three line icon -> "Certified file" and click on the green "Certified file" button. 


When you click on that button, you'll be asked to upload your file. Just click on "Select file" and choose the document that you wish to certified.

Once the upload is completed close the window and the document will be available for you to download from the "Inbox" list. 

The audit trail contains all the data regarding your document and it shows the unique IDs. These unique IDs are linked to the original document and guarantee the integrity of the document. If the file suffers alterations, the certification will be invalidated. 

Uploading a document once is enough to certify every single page of that document. 

Email us at support@signaturit.com if you're interested in this functionality.

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