Send a document using Drive, Dropbox or Box

You can link Signaturit with other platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box to send documents from the cloud fast and easy. To send a document using one of these platforms go to:

  • Click "Send Document" at the top center of the dashboard
  • Click on the platform that you would like to use (Drive, Dropbox or box).
  • Click on "Connect to + Platform

Sign in into your account and give permissions to link Signaturit to the desired platform. 

Select the file that you'd like to send and click on Accept. In this case, we used Dropbox as example, but the same goes for Google Drive or Box: 

Once you click "Select", the document will load and you'll be able to edit the document and put the sign fields. Just follow the usual instructions and fill in the required information to send the document. 

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