Send documents to be signed

With Signaturit, you can send documents using three types of signatures: using a electronic advanced signature, a simple signature and a certified email. 

Follow these basic steps to send a document to sign: 

  • Click on the three lines icon
  • Click on the type of signature you wish to use:
    • Electronic signatures
    • Simple signatures
    • Certified emails
  • Click on the green button at the top center of the dashboard.

Once in the signature's dashboard, you have to follow the steps to customize your message and send it. These steps vary depending on the type of signature and document you wish to send:

If you wish to send a document using Electronic advanced signature CLICK HERE

If you wish to send a Simple signature CLICK HERE

If you wish to send a Certified email CLICK HERE

Apart from this, you can also send your documents using your email and not the dashboard. Click here to know how

Feel free to check the sections in our help center to get more information and step-by-step guides about the different features you can use with Signaturit. 


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