Send a sequential or parallel request

If you need to send the same document to multiple recipients for them to sign, that is what we call sequential delivery. That means that the system will send the signature request at the rate as the document is signed by the different recipients. Therefore, the second signer will not receive the document until the first signer has finished with his/her signature. The same with the third and fourth, and so on. When the process is finished, all of the parties will receive a copy of the signed document.

Activate the parallel sending so that every signer can access the document at any time. No sequential order is followed. Contact to get more information. 

To see the difference between a sequential, parallel and a batch delivery, feel free to check this help article.


To send a document in sequential delivery, start like usual:

  • 1. Click on the green button Send Document, in the top menu bar.


    2. Upload your document to Signaturit or choose from a template that you have already created. 


    3. Choose the number of signers and other fields that you want the document to contain. Remember that it will need to contain at least 1 Signature widget per signer.

     To place any widget in a document, simply drag and drop them from the right menu on to the document, like so:


    4. Click on Send Document to add the last details.


    5. Add a personalized message, including more recipients in CC and add more authentication options, if you would like. In this step, place your mouse on the arrows to manage the recipients and select which one is the signer 1, the signer 2, the 3, and so on. This will determine the order on which the document is signed. 

    For an extra level of security, remember that you can require that the signer completes one or more extra authentication steps. Learn more about our Authentication Methods

    6. When you finish, click on the green button Send Document to finish sending it.

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