Send a certified email

Sending a certified email is just as easy as sending a document to sign. Just go to your dashboard and click the three line menu and select "Certified email".

Once in the certified email dashboard, click the "Certified email" green button. Afterwards it's all straightforward: fill in the requested fields, attach files if needed and write your email. At the bottom of the screen you can select if you want to certify:

  • that the email has been delivered.
  • that the user has seen the documents.
  • that the user has opened every document. 

When you're ready, click on "Send document" and that's it. 

You'll receive an automatic email with the trail audit attached once the addressee has done any of the actions described above. You can also go to the certified mail inbox to check the documents you have sent, the history and the trail audit anytime you want.

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