Dashboard overview

Getting started with Signaturit is very easy. You'll find everything you need in your dashboard. From left to right you'll find: 

  • The three line icon 
  • The green action button
  • Your Inbox
  • Your Templates
  • Your Team
  • The Cogwheel 
  • Configuration 

The three line icon is the best way to go to the different sections. You'll have the option to send a document to sign with an advanced signature, to sign with a simple signature, to send certified emails or to manage your developer settings. 

Once you choose what you want to send, you'll need to click on the green action button located at the center of the top navigation bar. A window will pop-up and you'll have to fill in all the required fields to send what you want to send. 

Each category on the three line icon has its own Inbox. There you'll see all the documents or certified emails that you have sent. If you click one, you'll go to the details and you'll be able to download the audit trail of a sign document

If you need to send the same document every time, Templates are your friends. Just click on it to check all your templates for electronic signature, simple signature or certified email. Click here to know everything about templates.

In Team you'll manage your team members. You can add or modify the status or permission of each agent or group. Click here to know everything about groups and members.

If you need to check your status or upgrade the number of credits, go to The Cogwheel.

Last but not least, in Configuration you'll be able to manage your account: billing info, contacts, api integrations and further settings (profile, branding, notification). Click here to know everything about your settings.

Feel free to check our help center for any doubts or contact us for any questions you may have. 

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